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Healing The Planet - Starting with your Backyard
Intro to Dowsing & Earth Energies
OCTOBER 13-14 2018

Healing The Planet - Starting with your Backyard
Intro to Dowsing & Earth Energies
OCTOBER 20-21 2018
Glastonbury Area

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Talking with Gaia: Earth Healing Course
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Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress Overview
Geopathic Stress is the up welling radiation from underground water, electromagnetic grids lines & blocked chi carrying energy lines. It is the up welling of free radicals, positive ions. It occurs where underground water has picked up charge from the geology or from trauma in the landscape.
Typically manifests as depletion of energy, fatigue, headaches, nausea, stomach pain. If untreated can effect the immune system, and can lead to cancers, M.E or other immune system problems.

Underground Water
Underground Water
is water is traveling through rock, in fissures, faults and aquifers, not to be confused with the water table, or surface water. Surface water (in lakes, rivers etc.) mostly radiates negative ions, which are very beneficial for us, as they bind free radicals in our body. However underground water radiates positive ions, It is these rays of ions that create geopathic stress.

The strength of the 'rays' or field from underground water depends largely on the amount of water traveling through the water vein or aquifer and also the geology it passes through, which can pick up minerals (iron, copper, zinc, sulphur, lead, calcium etc), radon gas (radiation from granite rich areas). These minerals create charge in the water which is already under pressure from the rock. Under Ground water can also act as a psychic drain if running though large population centres: It literally carries away psychic junk and negative emotions - which is fine unless it runs through your home!

Love & Gratitude Water Crystal

Camomile & it's water crystal

A Brief Explanation
Geopathically stressed water has a disturbed energy field, or distorted memory. Thanks to the work Dr. Masaru Emoto (Hidden messages in water) who carried out experiments by freezing water with various emotional words on each sample bottle. He saw that water crystals with positive emotions made very beautiful ice crystals, and those with negative emotions produced chaotic crystals. In fact healing water with prayers for rivers and dams has also had an effect producing some extraordinary results. Some of the most beautiful crystals were generated by the emotions of Love & Gratitude. See these YouTube links [Water, Consciousness & Intent] & [Dr. Masaru Emoto].

Although we are taking underground water here, the principle is the same. The water's memory and energy (Qi) are disturbed. So we can use the same blessings of underground water to 'clean up' the vibrational field of underground water. This is much the same way as Bach Flower essences work. Water can hold memory or vibration even of a flower. However if it's a distorted memory, it creates a disturbed energy field which can adversely effect our health.

Geopathic Stress History
first well-documented study which proved the link with cancer was proven back in the 1920's by the German dowser Baron von Pohl, and has been repeated by many dowsers and geomancers ever since.

Von Pohl was asked to dowse the small town of Vilsbiburg in 1929, having then the highest per capita cancer death rate in Bavaria at the time. He discovered a 100 per cent correlation between the beds of cancer victims and the paths of black streams passing through the town. He repeated the procedure in Grafenau in 1930, a town with the lowest cancer incidence in the province, and again found a 100 per cent correlation.

Geopathic Stress in Feng Shui
In Chinese traditional Feng Shui, these lines are called Sha Qi Streams (Sha Qi is energy which depletes). Traditional Feng Shui Masters are very aware of the effects of underground water running through a property and landscapes, something that Feng Shui in the west tends over look or have realistic remadies for.
Geopathic Stress Treatment
There are many methods employed by geomancers and dowsers regarding geopathic stress. Including the use of metal stakes being permanently left in the ground. I have learnt these methods but have discarded them in favour of more environmentally harmonious techniques. I use a combination of nonpermanent earth acupuncture with flower essences and blessing work to harmonise the under ground water's geopathic stress. It also helps to see these underground water veins as living systems which can respond to our conscious intent.