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Healing The Planet - Starting with your Backyard
Intro to Dowsing & Earth Energies
OCTOBER 13-14 2018

Healing The Planet - Starting with your Backyard
Intro to Dowsing & Earth Energies
OCTOBER 20-21 2018
Glastonbury Area

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Talking with Gaia: Earth Healing Course
JAN 2019 Glastonbury Area

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19th Jan 2015 Shaun was Interviewed recently on 'Its Rain Making Time!' The 45 minute Podcast Is here:
[The Spirit of The Land Matters]
Client Recommendations

I was coming to the brink of despair in my small modern house on the hill, nightly suspecting geopathic stress. Shaun was sheer magic!
There were indeed some problematic gridlines and water courses. After hours of very thorough, meticulous work in house and garden, Shaun had managed to create pure delight. Amazingly, no furniture had to be moved. Even the previously distressing EM radiation from neighbours is barely noticeable now. Soon after Shaun left, my plants perked up, and so did I.
My house feels like a safe cradle now, my sleep is sounds and I have plenty of energy.
Shaun is extremely skilled and knowledgeable and gave me much practical advice. He has a natural affinity for Earth vibrations and works both scientifically and intuitively.
I highly recommend him.
Maria - Somerset 2012

I'd heard that house clearing could help sell a house. I had a 16 century cottage in Glastonbury that I needed to sell quickly in order to get another house that I wanted to move to. I was rather skeptical about this but the house wasn't selling. Finally I contacted Shawn and a few days later he came over and did his stuff. Just half an hour after Shawn had left I had a phone call from a local wanting to buy a house who came over, made an offer and bought it. Now that's what I call a good service! It true, amazing.

Philip - Glastonbury Nov 2011

Shaun came to my house last year (2007). Many problems had occurred since my family had moved in including depression, negativity, prolonged bouts of debilitating illness to name a few. I had heard of Shaun through a colleague at work and he visited my house to help me.
He cleared the house and garden for me and gave me many suggestions that I followed through. He was extremely helpful and professional. I would not hesitate in recommending him.
I also felt he had a completely natural way - and that he was completely in tune with vibration and spirit.

Yours sincerely,
Susan - Somerset

In 2006, we (Sunrise Celebration) asked Shaun Kirwan to build us a solstice wood circle at our Sunrise Celebration festival site in somerset. We knew Shaun built sacred sites from the stone circle he had built previously for the Big Green Gathering and some geomantic works he had produced at our smaller events over the years.

The circle was greatly received by the public, even the farmer decided to keep the circle permanently once he saw it despite initially wanting it to be temporary as it would effect his farming. The wood circle, or Woodhenge as it is known to the public, is a unique feature for the festival and a testament to the determination of all those involved to root the celebration in ancient wisdom and practices, as well as contemporary innovation.

Shaun Kirwan was a professional worker and performed his duties admirably, working with a dedicated crew to make the vision real. He worked tirelessly to deliver the project on time but without compromise to his ideals and the vision that he was carrying. I would highly recommend Shaun to anyone wanting to create a sacred site for whatever reason.

Yours sincerely, Daniel Hurring
Operations Manager, Sunrise Celebration Festival

Our house on the top of a hill in Glastonbury had been occupied for a very long time and there was a certain room that nobody ever liked going in. Shaun discovered that the foundations of an earlier building bisected this room and there was geopathic stress that was causing a ‘negative’ feeling.

After an afternoon of geomantic work, the energy of that room changed dramatically and all the residents of the house felt a harmony that was not present before.

Hugh - Glastonbury, 2005